Sex Technology Application

Sex Product Eligibility to Exhibit at CES

CES® is permitting the inclusion of sexual technology products at CES 2021. Products may exhibit in the Health & Wellness category of CES or the Health & Wellness startup area in Eureka Park, if they meet the Eureka Park guidelines.

As CES showcases new and emerging technologies, products must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to exhibit:

The technology must be applicable to human sexual health and wellness. CES defines sexual health products as technology products that aid humans’ physical well-being in relation to sexuality.

The product must include technology (i.e., sensors, Bluetooth technology, flexible organic electronics) and be innovative in its design. Anatomically correct dolls or robots intended for use in sexual acts are not eligible to exhibit. Pornography and/or virtual pornography is not eligible to exhibit.  

To apply for space, please complete this application. If you have questions, please contact