How We Select Honorees

Each product category has a three-member judging team composed of an independent industrial designer, an independent engineer and a member of the trade press.

The team gives a numerical value to each of the below criteria. The scores are combined, resulting in a cumulative score for each product. A baseline value is derived from the cumulative scores in a category, and all scores above the baseline are designated as Honorees.

The Best of Innovation Award will be awarded to the highest-rated product in each category, as long as that product surpasses a previously determined minimum score.

If the highest-rated product in a category does not surpass the minimum score, there will be no Best of Innovation Award for that category. All award designations by our judges are final.

CES Innovation Award Evaluation Criteria

  1. Engineering qualities

  2. Aesthetic and design qualities

  3. The product's intended use/function and user value. For Tech for a Better World entries, this also includes how it can make a positive impact to the quality of life for its users, or those affected by its use.

  4. Why the product deserves the Innovation Award, including specifics regarding its unique/novel features and features that consumers would find attractive

  5. How the design and innovation of this product directly compare to other products in the marketplace