Gary's Book Club

Hear from noteworthy authors in the technology industry at Gary’s Book Club.

Stop by the Consumer Technology Association Stage to hear the interviews, meet the authors and get a copy of their books signed.

Covering topics ranging from innovation to history and tech policy, the featured books are available for purchase on site.

CES 2020 Gary's Book Club Authors


The Road to the Top is Not on the MapCarla Bailo & Terry Barclay

The Road to the Top is Not on the Map

The Road to the Top is Not on the Map: Conversations with Top Women of the Automotive Industry features 37 of the most influential women in the industry, who offer their insights and advice for colleagues, peers and the next generation of women as they navigate their career choices.

(C)lean MessagingChris Duffey

Superhuman Innovation

The World's First Book Co-Authored by AI about AI. Chris Duffey, Head of AI Innovation and Strategy at Adobe along with his conversational AI assistant; Aimé (AI + Me), have an insightful and lively dialogue to describe how AI is impacting not only how people, brands and businesses innovate, but also what they innovate with their content, products and services.

Connecting the DotsLakshmi Sarah & Melissa Bosworth

Crafting Stories for Virtual Reality

The aim of this book is to distill the lessons learned into a useful guide for reporters, filmmakers and writers interested in telling stories in this emerging medium. Examining ground-breaking work across industries, this text explains, in practical terms, how storytellers can create their own powerful immersive experiences as new media and platforms emerge.

Charlie Fink's MetaverseJane Sarasohn-Kahn

Health Consuming

From Health Consumers to Health Citizens, tracks the evolution of patients into health consumers and payors, with “Amazon-Primed” expectations for services, self-care tools, and engagement. Jane explains the growth of digital technologies and retail health destinations, coupled with the challenges of data privacy, security, and what it means to be a health citizen.

Connecting the DotsRod Pyle

Space 2.0

In Space 2.0, space historian Rod Pyle, in collaboration with the National Space Society, will give you an inside look at the next few decades of spaceflight and long-term plans for exploration, utilization, and settlement.

Connecting the DotsMartin O'Malley

Smarter Government: Governing for Results in the Information Age

This book is about a more effective way to lead that is emerging, enabled by the Information Age. It provides real solutions to real problems using GIS technology and helps develop a management strategy using data that will profoundly change an organization.

The Road to the Top is Not on the MapJeff Kosseff

The Road to the Top is Not on the Map

The modern, interactive Internet relies on a U.S. law that protects online services from lawsuits based on user content. Jeff Kosseff explores the history and future of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Kosseff explains what Section 230 really means and how it affects what we like, share, and comment upon every day.


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