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Suju RajanSuju Rajan

Senior Vice President and head of the Criteo AI Lab

Dr. Suju Rajan is the Senior Vice President, Research, at Criteo and heads up the Criteo Artificial Intelligence(AI) Lab. Her team focuses on building the AI platforms and solutions that leverage Criteo’s massive computational power to research and deploy deep learning for advertising.  By innovating and delivering state-of-the-art models for real-time bidding, large-scale recommendation systems, auction theory, metrics and scalable optimisation, Dr Rajan enables Criteo to deliver an unique insight into shoppers’ behaviours and preferences that helps retailers better inform their commerce marketing strategies and drive sales.

Dr. Rajan is an accomplished, award-winning academic and has published several papers on data mining, machine learning and information.  She is an active member of the global AI community, regularly speaking at key industry conferences and through her work as a programme committee member she drives the agenda for AI events around the world.

Prior to joining Criteo, Dr. Rajan was the Director of the Personalisation Sciences at Yahoo Research where she received multiple awards for her contributions to innovation and increasing the company’s intellectual property.

Dr. Rajan has a PhD and MSc in machine learning from the University of Texas, Austin.




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