Olivier Heyning


Olivier is co-founder and CEO of LUMICKS, the global leader in Dynamic Single-Molecule equipment, an emerging niche in biology research and drug discovery.

With a background in Applied physics and a decade of business experience at FEI (now ThermoFisher), a manufacturer of electron microscopes, Olivier had a solid basis for building the team and setting the right culture to rapidly develop and bring the technology to market.

Founded in 2014, LUMICKS is now the most successful spin-off from the VU university in Amsterdam. Its high-tech microscopes can film and measure how molecules and cells interact with each other and are sold to research institutes all over the world. The company is currently developing a new technology for the measurement and selection of immune cells based on their interactions with cancer cells. This technology is game-changing for the development and application of Immune Onlcology (IO) therapies for the treatment of cancer.