Max Mouwen

Director Commercial Market, Digital & Innovation, Interpolis

After his study Master of Science in Rotterdam Max started his career at ING. As an information analyst, staff member, productmanager and consultant he got experienced in the world of customer relevant innovotions, especially in the area of payments and multichannel strategy. After 11 years he moved to SNS Bank in 1999 and set up an e-commerce department. He became Head of Retail strategy. He developed with his team the internet site, the next generation branche network and call center, and redefined with the management team the overall corporate strategy. In 2005 he joined ABN AMRO to maximise the opportunities of the digital channels on the competative dutch market: internet, mobile, ATM, IVR, speech recognition and interactive television. In 2010 he moved back to his roots and started as the Internet Director for ING Netherlands to improve the digital customer service (internet, mobile and social media) to a next level. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 ING prizewinning digital service (app, social and internet banking) was rewarded with the highest NPS in the Dutch market. In 2016 Max started a new consulting business on digital transformation of organizations within Xebia Group. Since 2018 he became a board member of innovative Dutch insurer Interpolis, setting a new strategy, leading the agile transformation and modernise the business model.