Conference Track

Reaching Future Customers Using Design and Tech

Customer tastes and expectations are evolving along with the technology that enables new products. These forces create new opportunities while also introducing their own challenges for designers working in today's modern economy. Learn how three industry leaders have used different technologies to shape their company's product vision.


Wednesday, January 9

2:00 – 2:30 PM

Conference Session

Simplifying Skin Science And Delivering The Future Of Health

LOCATION LVCC South Plaza 62000

Meghan Maupin is co-founder and CEO of Atolla, a skincare company that leverages machine learning to deliver customized products using an individual's actual skin data. In her talk, Meghan will explore the challenges of making this technology accessible to everyday users, and Atolla’s design development over time.

2:40 – 3:10 PM

Conference Session

Turning Complex Systems Into Child's Play

LOCATION LVCC South Plaza 62000

Through his work as a co-founder of Primo Toys, Filippo Yacob teaches complex systems to kids. Their latest product is Pigzbe, which simplifies the daunting task of teaching children about crytocurrency. Yacob will discuss how his team working to develop an intuitive gaming system as well as Pigzbe’s own form of real-world cryptocurrency, and what it takes to develop a progressive tech product.

3:20 – 3:50 PM

Conference Session

From Student Project to Consumer Wearables Company

LOCATION LVCC South Plaza 62000

Beginning as an MIT student project, Embr Labs is a fast-growing start up with a wearable product to help people take control of temperature and feel more comfortable. Mr. Shames will share the Embr journey and describe their future vision.

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