Reimagining Television: A Conversation With Hulu and Turner

3-4 PM January 10
Monte Carlo, Park Theater

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The current market dynamic relating to content, technology and innovation has created what is being called a "race to the center." Traditional digital and technology players are trying to become more proficient in content creation and delivery, while traditional content companies are trying to become more proficient with technology. The ultimate goal — for both sides — is to deliver premium experiences that create dedicated fans.

Under CEO and Chairman John Martin's leadership, Turner is going through the single largest technology transformation since Ted Turner founded the company. New Hulu CEO Randy Freer has stepped aboard to lead the streamer into its next chapter as a live and on-demand television and advertising powerhouse. Both companies have created partnerships and made strategic investments to expand beyond their core consumer offerings, to face the head-on competitive challenges from platform and tech giants like Facebook and Google.

In a fractured world with infinite choices, these companies are now all competing against each other for the most precious commodity — a consumer’s time. It is why Facebook, Apple, Amazon and others are diving head first into content creation and why companies like Turner are building technological capabilities to have more control over how they engage the consumer and monetize their content. And for those that sit closer to the center, like Hulu, it's also about strategically partnering with both friends and "frenemies" to grow viewership and advertising market share.

In the end, the challenge remains: Can traditional content companies take the best of what has made them distinct and engage advertisers and audiences in new and exciting ways? Will the traditional tech players be able to maximize their platforms by becoming premium content creators? Will the newer hybrid entrants have a leg up? At the end of this race, who will ultimately be the winner?

John Martin
Chairman and CEO,
Turner, a Time Warner Co.

Matthew Garrahan
Global Media Editor,
Financial Times

Randy Freer
Chief Executive Officer,