Transforming the Future of Public Safety Communication

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In disasters or emergencies, cellular networks become overloaded, just when first responders need it most for vital, life-saving communications. Learn how FirstNet, an innovative public-private partnership, will give public safety the 21st-century, dedicated, secure broadband network and app/innovation ecosystem it needs to save lives and protect communities nationwide.

Top Three Topics:

  • Connected emergency vehicles: How FirstNet will enable high-tech, mobile public safety offices
  • Calling app developers: Public safety needs YOU
  • How the internet of lifesaving things and FirstNet will save lives and improve public safety outcomes

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10-10:45 AM January 11

Westgate, Level 1, Pavilion 9

In this panel discussion, we will discuss emergency vehicles connected with FirstNet broadband technology and how they can integrate with smart cities technology for a faster, safer response for the public as well as first responders.

10:45-11:15 AM January 11

Westgate, Level 1, Pavilion 9

Whether checking wind and weather, using mapping technology, or looking to sophisticated medical apps or portals into national law-enforcement systems, first responders rely on apps to do their work. Find out how FirstNet’s developer portal and program will foster continuous innovation for first responders – putting lifesaving technologies their fingertips.

11:30 AM-12:15 PM January 11

Westgate, Level 1, Pavilion 9

How smart, connected technology is enabling a smarter and more connected response. Capturing data from security systems, HVAC and even fitness monitors and pacemakers can save valuable seconds – and lives – in emergencies. How will FirstNet help public safety make best use of the wealth of available data?