Joann Michalik

Joann Michalik

Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting

Joann Michalik

Joann Michalik is Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting LLP. She joined Deloitte in 2012 following a 30 year career as a consultant and manufacturing executive. Over this time, she has helped manufacturers deploy innovative solutions, advanced technologies and process improvement to transform business performance and results.

Joann is known for her client service excellence and solving the most critical and complex business challenges. Efforts include the implementation of Lean Six Sigma programs, define and implementation of new business models, and designing new product innovation strategies to needed to achieve business strategic objectives. As a result of these efforts, Joann’s clients have been recognized as the Best Factory in America, Deming and Shingo Awards.

Joann continues to build eminence for Deloitte and be on the forefront of next generation solutions. Recently she surveyed leading CTO’s and DOE National Lab Directors to determine, “How can the US be competitive with advanced technologies”, a study for the Council of Competitiveness. She is also leading efforts to define the next generation of “Smart Power”. Joann has been on the forefront of the latest business practices, including: Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Edge technologies, Micro-factories, and Crowdfunding/ Crowdsourcing.

Throughout her career, Joann has held a wide range of leadership positions, most recently as Power Generation Practice Leader representing a portfolio of 12 leading global accounts. She is also leader of Smart Power team defining the next generation of smart solutions for the grid, as well as industrial, commercial and homes applications. She also served as global leader for process improvement, center of excellence leader of BPR, and operations manager for NC machine shop while at GE.

Joann earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. She is a graduate of GE’s Manufacturing Management Training Program.