Design Driven Innovation

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This track, curated by the editors of, features four design leaders sharing how they leverage design thinking, customer insights and creative problem solving to drive innovation throughout the product development cycle. Plan on being inspired, and informed, on how best to use design to drive business transformation.

Top Three Topics:

  • How product owners can leverage design thinking, customer insights and creative problem-solving to drive innovation
  • Learn how research should drive the end-to-end design experience
  • Case Studies on Design, Product Development and Crowdfunding

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11:30 AM-12 PM January 9

LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

The studio, whose industrial design credits include Nest, Roku, Eero Light and most recently, the Rylo 360, will share their experience working with Silicon Valley start-ups and give insight into what the future of design might look like.

Fred Bould
Principal, Design Director,
Bould Design

11:30 AM-12 PM January 11

LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

Connected devices might be the easiest products in the modern consumer landscape to get wrong. That’s because people aren’t starting with research. Murray will illustrate how leading with research drives decisions about end-to-end experience and guides interdisciplinary teams through to execution.

Chris Murray
Director of Industrial Design,

12-12:30 PM January 11

LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

Pip Tompkin will tell the behind the scenes story of the ‘Mr. Pip’ brand and its first product, the award winning ‘Double Cross’.

Pip Tompkin
Founder and Creative Director,
Pip Tompkin Design

3:30-4 PM January 11

LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

A discussion of the six-month product development journey leading to the smash crowdfunding success for the PAKT One travel bag. The creative team will review the design and development process, and share lessons learned along the way.

Jordan Nollman
CEO, Principal,
Sprout Studios