Thomas Rockmann

Thomas Rockmann

Vice President Smart Connected Home
Deutsche Telekom AG

Thomas Rockmann

Thomas Rockmann, VP Connected Home / Deutsche Telekom AG

Thomas Rockmann is Vice President of Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom’s white label smart home portfolio and joint CEO of the group-wide smart home project. Thomas is responsible for all aspects of the Connected Home business and has been instrumental in growing the business and delivering the white label solution with different partners across Europe.

Thomas joined Deutsche Telekom in 2000 as the group’s senior innovation manager for product lifecycle management, where he conceptualized and launched Deutsche Telekom’s product lifecycle management process and SAP tool, which today enables Deutsche Telekom to deliver products in a standardized way for all consumer customers. He also undertook the role as the commissioner for quality management in marketing and sales of T-Com.

In addition, he served as vice president of business portfolio strategy T-Home. Furthermore, Thomas was vice president for the market leadership team, managing product innovation projects for consumer, business and wholesale customers. In his last role, as a vice president he was in charge of the group IP migration program for all consumer and business customers in Germany, the consumer product portfolio strategy and building up the new portfolio category smart home, based on the open platform Qivicon for the German market. Prior to Deutsche Telekom, Thomas spent three years at Deutsche Bank AG in various responsible IT development and leading quality management roles.

An entrepreneurial leader with 20 years of experience in product development and execution, strategy, marketing, innovation management and business operations, Thomas has a deep understanding of the development of customer centric technology-enabled services.