CES 2021 Partner Programming

January 14, 2021

CES 2021 Conference PartnerDon't miss future-shaping insights and business growth trends from industry visionaries as CES 2021 partners present extended programming on January 14.

Separate registration is required for each event. 


Automotive News Shift Automotive News Shift Mobility Forum - THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY: GET UP TO SPEED

Driven by advanced technologies and an expanding business ecosystem, the transportation of people and goods is undergoing a massive transformation. What does this mean for your business? Find out at the first Automotive News Shift Mobility Forum.

Leading experts in the automotive, mobility, technology, telecom and public sector weigh in with insightful perspectives. Presented in four one-hour sessions, this virtual program will explore the evolving mobility story.

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CONNECTIONS Summit CONNECTIONS Summit: Smart Home Growth Strategies

CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES is an annual research and industry event hosted by international research firm Parks Associates. At CES 2021, the executive event features a full day of virtual panel discussions on smart homes, Internet of Things (IoT), connected health and connected entertainment.

The discussions will focus on trends and implications for connected consumers as well as opportunities for companies to build new revenues and develop innovative business models.

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SAE Connect2Car@CES Digital Summit SAE Connect2Car Digital Summit

Vehicles are not just defined by just their make and model, but by their safety, connectivity, HMI and propulsion systems features. This requires technologies and collaborative business models to ensure the industry meets customer expectations. Connect2Car@CES brings together experts and industry analysts from OEMs, tier suppliers and new market to discuss problem solving to advance vehicle development.

The four-part event tackles challenges in vehicle development, including P3, smart cars, smart infrastructure, and connecting lifestyles with connected, automated, and electric vehicles.

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ConvergX ConvergX® — Where Industry Lines Disappear

ConvergX is the first and only annual 2.5-day global congress that creates cross-sector investment and business development opportunities in the energy, military, tech, mining, aerospace, defense and security industries. ConvergX gives you access to pre-vetted, qualified leaders who have agreed to communicate directly with you. Join us as we launch the inaugural ConvergX.

A panel discussion will be followed by an invite-only roundtable conversation bringing together decision makers from multiple industries seeking collaboration on opportunities. Take the opportunity to meet with leaders in the sector who can help you grow your business.

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DreamlandXR: Music, Gaming & Technology Festival DreamlandXR: Music, Gaming and Technology Festival

DreamlandXR and its partners from around the globe will be presenting live digital programming that will feature an insightful emerging tech speaker series, an awards show, game tournaments and a live virtual concert experience.

This event can be attended online and will be viewable on mobile, PC, and most virtual reality Headsets. All ticketed guests will be notified with detailed information on how to access the full DreamlandXR Program.

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Digital Hollywood, A CES Conference Partner Digital Hollywood

Curated specifically for executives and creatives in the entertainment, technology and advertising industries, Digital Hollywood is the CES Conference Partner track designed for 2021 industry innovation.

From podcasting and the immersive home IoT-5G Future to the TV streaming wars and brand partnerships, it is all happening at Digital Hollywood. If it’s on your smart phone, the experts who developed it are at Digital Hollywood.

Meet the virtual and immersive Hollywood experts at Digital Hollywood, the cutting-edge track created for the most creative executives in the consumer technology marketplace.

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IoT Tech Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces and Cars IoT Tech Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces and Cars

The infrastructure that connects remote devices is revolutionizing how individuals can control their own health and wellness, how businesses and schools can make their workplaces safe from COVID-19, and how vehicle communications are making our roads safer and more efficient.

The IoT Infrastructure Conference will cover the use of AI and machine learning in workplaces and schools, mobile edge compute in wearables — as well as ingestibles and implantables — and 5G connectivity in V2X communications. It’s the IoT the layer in the technology stack that holds everything together.

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sports innovation labSports Zone by Sports Innovation Lab

Join us when the Sports Zone goes virtual. The industry’s most progressive leaders are joining Sports Innovation Lab for a day of provocative discussion around the power of data and the future of the fan experience.

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Variety Entertainment Summit Variety Entertainment Summit

Variety returns with its popular Entertainment Summit, exploring how new technologies and innovation are steering the future of film, TV, digital media, gaming and more. The Flight Attendant star & Executive Producer Kaley Cuoco, Twitch COO Sarah Clemens, ViacomCBS Streaming CEO Tom Ryan, TikTok VP Blake Chandlee and HBO EVP Brand Marketing Lucinda Martinez are among the event's participants. Topics include the reinvention of entertainment through streaming, the rise of fan-first media, monetization of connected TV, brands pivoting with current consumer culture, the power of tech innovation during the pandemic and more.

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ConvergX CTA Foundation: Tech Improving Lives

Technology is enabling people of all ages and abilities to live, work and play independently, and this has proven especially true during the pandemic. Join us as we highlight the technologies, companies, nonprofits, and individuals that are using tech to have an incredible impact.

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