CES by the Numbers

CES is the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

CES 2019 audit numbers coming in the spring.

With more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and exhibit space of more than 2.7 million net square feet, CES 2018 welcomed the world's biggest companies in addition to hosting more than 1,000 startups at the Eureka Park Marketplace.

More than 182,000 industry professionals, including more than 63,000 from outside the U.S., convened in Las Vegas to drive the ever-evolving global technology industry forward.

The numbers outlined below are highlights of the CES 2018 Attendance Audit Summary (PDF).

Overall Attendance (CES 2018)

  Domestic International Total
Industry Attendees 68,946 37,342 106,288
Exhibitor Personnel 45,327 23,938 69,265
Media 4,141 2,504 6,645
TOTAL ATTENDANCE 118,414 63,784 182,198

Social Media Reach (CES 2018)

Reflects period of January 7-12, 2018

Platform Highlights
#CES2018 and @CES Mentions 1 million
Views of CES Snapchat Live Story 49 million
Views of official CES videos on Facebook 224,000
Images shared on Instagram at CES that included the official hashtag #CES2018 37,000

CES Media Coverage (CES 2018)

CES 2018 received 107,120 media mentions and more than 71.7 billion potential media impressions in January alone.

Type of Coverage Domestic International Total
Print 8,154* 4,461 12,615
Online 10,659 65,708 76,367
Broadcast 14,460 3,678 18,138
TOTAL MEDIA COVERAGE 33,273 73,847 107,120
*Factiva changed the criteria for Print. All licensed  publications (which includes both online and print) are now counted as print.

Sources and Date Ranges (CES 2018)

  • Domestic Print and Online — Source: Factiva; Date range: 7 days prior to CES and 14 days after CES

  • Domestic Broadcasts — Source: TV Eyes; Date range: January 1-31, 2018

  • All international coverage — Source: International PR Agency Partners and Scholarship Journalists; Date range: January 1-31, 2018.