Show Floor Tours

presented by ShellyPalmer™ and StoryTech™

Get an Insider’s View of the Show Floor: Take an Official Show Floor Tour

Take a tour of the CES show floor guided by one of our subject matter experts and see the products and technology shaping your future from a whole new perspective.

Choose from a variety of options presented by our official tour contractors, ShellyPalmer™ and StoryTech™ whose team of industry insiders will help you navigate your way to what you want to see most.

Tech Briefings and Floor Tours Presented by ShellyPalmer

ShellyPalmer CES Tech Briefings and Floor Tours help you identify and understand key technologies, differentiate offerings, and create action items and strategic takeaways from the show.

Each year, hundreds of global C-suite executives, marketers, media buyers, brand managers, policymakers, government officials, technologists and thought leaders maximize their time at the show by taking a ShellyPalmer CES Tech Briefing and Floor Tour.

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IMPACT! Show Floor Tours and Briefings Presented by StoryTech

StoryTech tours are designed and curated specifically for storytellers, producers, brand managers, agency and marketing executives, content creators and distributors. All can be sure that the featured tech they see on the floor is put in the context of their business.

Led by StoryTech experts, these walking interactive sessions give you relevant knowledge to continue to build valuable, profitable audience relationships.

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