Hotel Reservations

Reserve Your Room for CES

To assist you in your travel plans, see the full list of official CES hotels and rates (in English).

To obtain the CES rate, all rooms must be booked directly by selecting the link provided for your preferred hotel. You will be directed to that hotel’s reservation page where you can make your hotel reservation.

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Make a Room Block Request

If you need a block of 20 or more rooms, you may submit a request directly to your hotel(s) of choice. Your request will be sent directly to the hotel(s), and the hotel(s) will have three business days to respond with pricing and availability.

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Warning About Housing Scams

Please note: CES does not use a housing bureau or third-party agency for hotel accommodations or any other travel arrangements. Any claims by any company stating otherwise are not true.

Please be sure you are booking directly through the links on our website or directly with a specific hotel property.

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