CES 2018 Innovation Awards

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.


Aipoly Vision


An artificial intelligence allowing mobile phones to recognise thousands of items in real-time to assist the blind and visually impaired with exploring their surroundings.


Cota™ Tile

Ossia, Inc.

Cota Tile delivers wireless power without plugs and pads. Built to replace a standard ceiling tile, Cota Tile can charge electronic devices within a 30-foot radius. From offices and hospitals to coffee shops and homes, Cota Tile makes power as convenient, safe and invisible as wireless internet.


Cubit - thinking, problem solving tool that guide DIY users

Plott is the consumer technology subsidiary of NWi

Cubit is our first step in tools that are capable of thinking / problem solving, and we are passionately excited about it. By freeing us up from complex measurements and the many, many calculations needed for layout placement, it enables us to focus on the reason why we're doing a project in the first place. To visually plan out from “how it is now” to “how I want it to be”, and guiding us to the points to make those changes in real life.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Fitness, Sports and Biotech

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker

EyeQue Corporation

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is a low-cost, convenient, fun way to test your eyes and order new glasses. Attach the miniscope to your smartphone (iOS, Android), self-administer a state-of-the-art refractive measurement test from home and order glasses online. Track vision changes over time.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Embedded Technologies

Goodix Live Fingerprint Detection Sensor


Goodix’s live fingerprint detection sensor provides the highest level of biometric security through a high resolution innovative capacitive sensor with an integrated optical detection system to determine your heartbeat signature from your finger.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Computer Hardware and Components

HP Spectre 13

HP Inc

The Spectre 13 was designed to be the best notebook ever made. From it’s staggering thinness to its artisan finishes to its surprising power and battery life, it boldly redefines the notebook category. It is made for the customer than wants cutting edge technology in the thinnest form factor ever.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: In-Vehicle Audio-Video

Integrated Connectivity Cluster


The ICC is the all-in-one information and communication system for motorcycles – and riders. It is the first of its kind integrating head-unit functionality into a cluster. The HMI clearly displays nothing more (and nothing less) than the information essential to riders looking to take their experience to the next level.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Tech For A Better World

K'Track G


K’Track G (G for Glucose) is the first wearable tracker that allows diabetics to measure in real time their blood glucose without blood extraction. Worn on the wrist, K’Track G allows users to live with diabetes without anxiety, pain, or effort.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wireless Handsets

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

Lenovo, Corp.

As the world’s first Tango-enabled smartphone, the Phab 2 Pro was built to drive mainstream adoption for augmented reality, adapting it in a device that would make sense for the use cases of everyday consumers.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Tablets, E-Readers and Mobile Computing

Lenovo Yoga Book (Android)

Lenovo, Corp.

Versatile 2-in-1 device with paper + ink, touch-based halo keyboard and EMR pen input methods. Yoga Book is designed for productivity while on-the-go. Built for mobility and to solve a challenge for tablet users; to achieve productivity and entertainment in one device.


LG SIGNATURE 77-inch OLED 4K TV (77W7)

LG Electronics Inc.

With its breathtaking wallpaper design, the 77W7 is the ultimate in OLED TV technology. With powerful performance and audio capabilities, the 77W7 is the all-in-one package for any modern home.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wearable Technologies

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC (Smart Pet Technologies, LLC d/b/a Link AKC)

More than location and activity tracking, the LINK AKC collar is designed to secure and strengthen the bond between dog and owner. It represents advancements in a burgeoning category that combines sophisticated smart home, wearable and mobile technologies with valuable personalized insights.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Home Audio-Video Components and Accessories

Mars by Crazybaby

Crazybaby Inc.

Fusion of Audio and Design: World's First True Auto Levitating Wireless Speaker patented by crazybaby with integrated sub woofer and 360 Hi-Fi Sound stereo projections. Pairing two Mars systems creates a four speaker surround sound. Mars is also packed with numerous unique features.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wearable Technologies

Motiv Ring

Motiv Inc.

Motiv Ring effortlessly tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. Designed to be worn day and night, we capture the minutes that matter most. Motiv Ring is available in seven sizes in two colors: Slate Gray and Rose Gold. While only 8mm wide, Motiv Ring features the most cutting-edge technology.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wireless Handset Accessories

Moto Mods

Motorola Mobility, a Lenovo company

Moto Mods instantly transform your mobile experience in a snap. They turn your Moto Z smartphone into a battery powerhouse, a big screen projector, a boombox, or even a superior camera experience. The choice is yours – simply snap it on and make your smartphone even better.  

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Computer Accessories



The design of nemonic focuses on well-organization and aesthetic point of view. The narrow and small-sized shape will make desks tidy and save workspaces. It has a profound effect on your efficiency and concentration to keep your workplace organized.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Computer Peripherals

Nighthawk X10 R9000 Smart WiFi router


Nighthawk X10 is industry’s fastest router for media streaming with Plex media server. Nighthawk X10 with 802.11ac and 802.11ad WiFi technology delivers ultra-smooth 4K streaming, VR gaming and instant downloads. Quad-core 1.7GHz provides plenty of room for today and tomorrow's workloads.


Obsidian 3D Panoramic Camera

KanDao Technology Co. Ltd.

Obsidian, a 3D Panoramic (Virtual Reality) camera with a collection of hardware and sofrtware, is born for producing the exquisite Virtual reality contents. As an advanced VR production tool, Obsidian aims at making high standard VR works in an economical and convenient way.




OSSIC Corporation

OSSIC X is the ultimate 3D listening experience. This smart headphone auto-calibrates to the listener to enable accurate sound positioning and excellent sound quality. Perfect for movies, music, gaming and virtual reality.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: High Performance Home Audio-Video

Paradigm Persona 9H (part of the Persona Series)

Paradigm Electronics Inc.

The Persona Series features Paradigm’s most advanced audio technologies, all entirely Crafted in Canada. The series is comprised of seven models: Persona 9H Flagship, Persona 7F, Persona 5F, Persona 3F, Persona B, Persona C (passive center channel) and Persona Sub (subwoofer).

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Drones and Unmanned Systems

POWERUP FPV - Paper Airplane VR Drone


PowerUp FPV lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your very own paper airplane creation. The airplane generates a live video stream to the included VR cardboard Viewer. You can see what your plane sees, controlling your paper drone with intuitive movements of your head.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Computer Peripherals

Predator Z301CT monitor


The Acer Predator Z301CT is the world’s first 21:9 curved monitor with eye-tracking functionality.


ReSound ENZO2™


ReSound ENZO2™ is the world's only super power Smart Hearing aid. It offers rich, balanced sound, internet connectivity and made-for-iPhone capabilities, meaning they work as wireless stereo headphones to stream calls, music and other audio directly from an iPhone.


Robo R2 High-Performance Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi

Robo 3D Inc.

The Robo R2 high-performance smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi tackles large-scale projects and make whatever you can imagine right from your mobile device using the Robo app. Built for serious printing; enjoy a fast, accurate wireless 3D printing experience.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Vehicle Intelligence

S3 Solid State LiDAR Sensor

Quanergy Systems

The S3 is the world’s first solid state 3D LiDAR sensor used for computer-assisted perception for safe and autonomous cars. This compact LiDAR sensor can detect, classify and track objects so the computer can assist the driver in avoiding accidents or take over the driving task in a safe manner.


Samsung Lifestyle TV

Samsung Electronics

The innovative Samsung Lifestyle TV is a beautiful, always-on, truly smart display that transforms the TV to art, making your home more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing no matter the content on screen.


Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Sleep Number

Sleep Number’s 360 smart bed will forever transform the way people sleep. The new integrated design includes a proprietary algorithm (powered by SleepIQ technology) and machine learning to intuitively sense and automatically adjust all night for an effortless and optimized sleep experience.


Smart Remote by Sevenhugs


Smart Remote is the world’s first contextual control system for connected homes. It lets you control everything at home with just one touch. When you point Smart Remote at a device, the screen automatically adapts and you just need one touch to control it. A seamless and intuitive control system.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: High Performance Home Audio-Video

SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer


Astonishing 16 inch driver with unprecedented eight inch edge-wound voice coil, massive 1,500 watts RMS, 5,000+ watts peak Sledge amplifier and advanced Apple iOS/Android control app make SVS SB16-Ultra the greatest leap forward in subwoofer innovation history.


The Z - Gaming Mouse. Tilt Pivot, Roll, & Analogue Buttons

Swiftpoint Inc

"The Swiftpoint Z is here, and now mouse makers the world over have a lot of catching up to do” – Mark Campbell, Overclock3d.

Developed for gamers, designers and power desktop users. The Z allows interaction with your computer in a faster, more precise and highly intuitive way.



Tilt Brush

Google Inc.

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality (VR) app that lets you paint in three-dimensional space. With intuitive controls and a pick-up-and-play design, it is an experience for everyone — professional artists, dreamers and even casual doodlers.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Tech For A Better World

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini with IS4 Eye Tracker

Tobii Dynavox

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini featuring IS4 eye tracker is the world’s smallest and most robust eye tracker. Optimized for individuals that do not have use of their hands due to various disabilities, the device enables users to control a computer, laptop or tablet using only their eyes.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wearable Technologies

uBolt, a secure personal identity wearable bracelet.

uConekt Inc., a cyber security solutions company.

uBolt, an innovative and unique multi-factor authentication personal identity wearable device combining biometric fingerprint and voice recordings and a secure element to ensure “you are who your say you are” to establish trust and verifiable confidence in a user identity. Made in France.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Portable Media Players and Accessories

XGIMI Z4 Aurora Screenless TV

Chengdu XGimi Technology Co.,Ltd.

Smart LED 3D projector transforms any surface into a 300-inch screen with unparalleled brightness and clarity. The built-in Harman Kardon stereo produces superior sound quality. Android system and wirelessly stream function provides a truly connected, superior viewing experience.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Software and Mobile Apps

Xooloo Digital Coach


Xooloo Digital Coach is the first alternative to parental controls. It allows parents to understand and participate in their child's digital life. It’s unique features empower teens to be independent, responsible digital citizens.


BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies

Zera™ Food Recycler

Whirlpool Corporation / WLabs

The Zera™ Food Recycler by WLabs is a solution to help reduce food waste in landfills. Built to convert household food waste into homemade fertilizer, it can handle a week's worth of discarded food for an average family.*Based on estimated 3.5 kg weekly household food waste for average U.S. family .

CES Innovation Award Categories

NEW for 2018, we've added categories for Cybersecurity, Smart Cities, and Robotics!

  • 3D Printing

  • Accessible Tech

  • Computer Accessories

  • Computer Hardware and Components

  • Computer Peripherals

  • Cybersecurity

  • Digital Imaging

  • Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies

  • Embedded Technologies

  • Fitness, Sports and Biotech

  • Gaming

  • Headphones

  • High Performance Home Audio/Video

  • Home Appliances

  • Home Audio/Video Components and Accessories

  • In-Vehicle Audio/Video

  • Portable Media Players and Accessories

  • Robotics and Drones

  • Smart Cities

  • Smart Energy

  • Smart Home

  • Software and Mobile Apps

  • Tech for a Better World

  • Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology

  • Video Displays

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Wearable Technologies

  • Wireless Handsets and Accessories