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C Space came to life as the experiential program for a broad range of participants, from Hollywood elite and content developers to marketing execs and distribution channel managers.

It's where serendipitous meetings occured, radical new technologies were discovered and the verticals of the global media business were the forefront of conversations. 

C Space allowed attendees access to a world of innovation across Las Vegas to share content, creativity and technology with other like-minded professionals, expanding their creative innovation. With the folding of the Entertainment Matters program into C Space, this program allowed for more connections, more discoveries and more collaborations. 

C Space Conference Programming

C Space conference programming included a major CES keynote presentation, headliners from the industry's movers and shakers, and a few dedicated tracks that illustrated the synergies and growth of content and brand integration.  

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C Space Studio: Thought Leaders Talk About the Future of the Industry

presented by CES and Business Insider

Hosting a number of conversational interviews with industry thought leaders, the C Space Studio provided forward-looking dialogues about the future of companies, industries and technology.

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C Space Participants

Every brand has a captivating narrative. Their stories unfolded through their distinctive participation in C Space at CES.

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