Call for Speakers

How to Prepare Your Speaker Submission

Familiarize yourself with the application before applying to be a CES 2018 speaker

Tips for a Successful Submission

  • Know the CES audience. Our audience comprises qualified consumer technology industry attendees looking for real B2B applications. 
  • Review your form carefully before submitting. 
  • Do not pitch products, companies or services. Submissions contain clear takeaways for the audience. 
  • Link to the speaker bio on the contact information page. Make sure the speaker bio is clear on why this person is an authority on subject matter. 
  • Provide case studies or research that will assist the audience in their own business applications. 

Step 1: Select a Theme

Each speaker may apply for up to three of the following themes: 

  • AI/Robotics/Drones
  • Augmented Reality
  • Connectivity (IoT, mobile, wireless, etc.)
  • Design and Sourcing 
  • Digital Therapeutics/Med Technology
  • Diversity and Social Responsibility
  • Emerging Technologies 
  • Future of Work
  • Music
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Home
  • Sports Technology
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Vehicle Technology/Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Virtual Reality

Step 2: Areas of Expertise

In 200 words or less, highlight the area of expertise and diverse points of view that the speaker brings to the selected theme. This information should be free of commercial messaging. 

Submissions should be framed within one of the following perspectives: 

  • Research and data
  • Global/international trends
  • Case studies and best practices
  • What’s next in this technology, or what will it look like in the year 2020? 

Step 3: Add Speaking Experience

Enter past speaking experience; supporting links or videos are highly encouraged. All speaking experience must have taken place by the time of the application (upcoming engagements may not be submitted).

How to add more than one conference: Click “Add Another Event” after completing the required information prior. Do this before selecting “next” to move onto the next step.   

Step 4: Review

Review the submission in the review screen. Edit submissions by clicking the "edit" button on this page or select the "previous" button to edit previous pages. 

How to apply a second or third theme: Click the “Select Additional Theme” button. You are not able to add themes after inputting contact information. 

Step 5: Contact Info

If you would like us to know more about this speaker, provide a link to his or her biography.

The speaker email must be a unique email address and cannot be used more than once, as a speaker may submit  only one submission.

How to submit on behalf of a speaker: You must input the speaker’s contact information here, and then enter your information by selecting the "Add Primary Contact" button. 

The primary contact is the individual who will receive information about the speaking status. Each speaker may only have one representative, but you may be a primary contact for more than one submission. 

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