Sports Technology Innovation

presented by Consumer Technology Association and The Sports Innovation Lab

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The Sports Technology Innovation Summit is a two-day program featuring thought-leaders, technologists, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and innovators, discussing the most salient topics in sports technology. This forward-looking event focuses on the practical future, painting a vital portrait of what sports will be in the years to come.

Top Three Topics:

  • Cutting edge research on the sports technology market, with insights into essential trends
  • Perspective on the relationship between emergent media technologies and sports fandom
  • A practical vision for the future of sports, for athletes and fans, built on innovative technologies in development today

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10:30-11 AM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Looking at driving forces behind sports innovation, we’ve identified trends that span industries. Partnering with CTA, the Sports Innovation Lab founders will present sports technology insights around five key trends: Quantified Athlete, Immersive Media, Next-Generation Sponsorship, Esports, and Smart Venues.

11:15-11:45 AM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Teams and leagues are investing in comprehensive analytic strategies, but to whom does the performance data truly belong? The potential uses for this data are extensive, but without consensus or legal precedent on rights, how far will the industry go?

11:45 AM-12:15 PM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Building off technological innovations in the Quantified Self space, Precision Nutrition is a new approach to personalized high-performance nutrition programs that work on an individual level. This session explores how quantified self-analytics impact the way we eat and drink.

1-1:45 PM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Head trauma is a serious problem for all sports, at all levels. This intimate chat brings together global leaders on the subject to discuss where we are technologically in dealing with the problem, and where to look in the future.

1:45-2:30 PM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Live-streaming has revolutionized how fans watch sports. As more of the audience migrates to live-streams, how will advertisers adapt delivery to accommodate this approach to sports broadcast? What are the new metrics for success of sports marketing campaigns on live-streams?

2:45-3:15 PM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Over-The-Top content delivery is here, it's dominant, and content providers are making the most of the new platforms. What are the technologies that are going to have the greatest impact on the future of OTT sports spectatorship?

3:15-4 PM January 9

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

The technology for immersive VR experiences has arrived. But even as new headsets and platforms penetrate the market, we must interrogate the viability of VR as a medium for sports. What experience is driving the design of VR sports experiences?

10:30-11 AM January 12

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

Bridging the communication gap between elite athletes and technologists is essential to sports technology innovation. This session explores how to most effectively bring elite athletes and technology startups together and how these athletes are impacting innovation across sports.

11:15-11:45 AM January 12

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

In the past year, esports focusing on so-called “traditional sports” games are penetrating the scene, and growing in popularity. How do these new “traditional” esports take root in a fandom that consumes both live sports media, and videogame content?

11:45 AM-12:15 PM January 12

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

New stadium technologies are popping up every season, but what is the long-term impact of these innovations on the development of smart cities? Will these innovations help to accelerate smart city deployments?

12:15-12:45 PM January 12

Sands, Level 2, Booth #45222

What are the key considerations for investors looking to make inroads into sports technology? Research experts in the space will look at innovations from the past year, and what implications those technologies have on the future of sports technology investment.